Welcome to The Blog Spur!



Welcome to the my neck of the woods. I am so glad you’re here!

Whether you stumbled onto my site or have come here by choice, I am grateful that we’ve gotten the chance to connect!

My name is Susie, and I’ve wanted to start a real blog for a very long time. But for some every reason in the book, I kept putting it off.

Fear, and desire kept colliding until the day came that my deep down desire won me over, and when it did, I hurriedly went to my Mac and bought a domain name right then!

Well, it did take me about 5 minutes to decide on the name for my website. But hey, it was there all along inside of me just trying to get out. I finally got the courage to just do it, and boy am I so glad I did!

I hope you’ll stick around and come with me on my blogging journey. I have so much to learn and it would be fun to have some fellow bloggers saddle up & go  together on this Trailride so we can SPUR each other along!






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